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For nearly 50 years, Kovatch Castings has reliably delivered precision investment castings to our customers. We continue to set a standard of excellence for high-strength, corrosion-resistant components that have complex geometries, close tolerances, and fine surface finish requirements.

Our Promise

We work to provide you excellent quality components on time and on budget with great service and communication. If your project is better suited for another manufacturing method, we’ll always help you navigate to the best option and will steer you to a company that can create your part as efficiently as possible.

Our History

Emigrating from Slovakia in the early 1900s, the Kovatch family brought a resilient work ethic to their new home in the United States.

As founder, Frank Kovatch worked 22 years for an investment casting foundry in Cleveland. A dreamer, a doer, and a risk taker, he and three brothers decided to start their own company. The Kovatch brothers began with used equipment and a strong faith, struggling at first in a small block and a metal building in Akron, Ohio in 1976.

Frank was undeterred. In 1984, Kovatch Castings landed significant new business and was able to buy its first pieces of new equipment. The company had turned a corner. Frank’s dream was realized in 1991 when Kovatch Castings moved into a brand new building in Uniontown, Ohio (Green).

Continued Expansion

In 2000, Doug Kovatch took over the helm at Kovatch Castings from his father, Frank Kovatch. Over the next four years, Doug would place the business in a position for some rapid physical expansion projects and new quality certifications.

In 2002, the first expansion of the building was completed to house a state-of-the-art robotic shell system and a massive two-story shell drying system.

The year 2010 kicked off a second addition of 15,000 square feet. With total square footage up to 65,000, the shop footprint needed reconfigured to house a new foundry area with two highly efficient self-recuperating pusher ovens, a new metals lab, traffic centers for shipping and outside services, final inspection, straightening, and shop supervision offices.

Present Day

In 2020, Doug passed the torch onto his employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). As employee-owners, we carry on Frank and Doug’s dreams while still holding to the ethical principles under which we were founded.

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Community Focus

Frank Kovatch taught his family and employees to do a good and honest job for customers as well as to give back to each other, the community, and the world.

In his father’s memory, Doug Kovatch implemented the Frank Kovatch Memorial Charity Participation Program. This program encourages employees to participate in off-campus philanthropic projects with additional paid time-off.

Led by Doug Kovatch, our employees volunteer at the local food bank, participate in Operation Christmas Child, and give their time to many other good works throughout the year.

Kovatch Castings is also a sponsor of a fully equipped room at the neonatal unit of Akron Children’s Hospital.