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New to investment casting? Explore our knowledge base and learn more about investment casting as well as additional casting methods.

What Is Investment Casting?

How does a manufacturing method from Ancient China and Ancient Egypt save modern aerospace, complex commercial, military, and medical industries millions of dollars? If you’re new to investment casting, enjoy this high-level introduction.
What is Investment Casting?

Investment Casting Institute

Kovatch Castings is proud to be an exclusive member of the Investment Casting Institute (ICI), a non-profit manufacturer’s trade association.
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Additional Casting Methods

With such a variety of casting methods available, how do you select the method best-suited for you? Let us help you compare casting methods side-by-side and find the best option for your project.
Additional Casting Methods

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See the investment casting process first-hand and get to know more about Kovatch Castings as well as our work in the community.
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