Our Process & Promise

What can you expect when you partner with Kovatch Castings?

Our Process

Below are some initial steps we take when exploring your part as an investment casting.

  1. First, we’ll take a look at your drawing and volume and set up an engineer-to-engineer exchange to see if investment casting is best suited for the part.
  2. While Kovatch Castings does not design, our engineers will look at your drawing or CAD model and “redline” it (or adjust the drawing) to demonstrate how to achieve your part best with investment casting.
  3. If requested, we are always willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  4. If investment casting is the best solution, we’ll request a purchase order to build the aluminum mold.
  5. Once the aluminum mold is made, we run parts to verify the mold.
  6. You’ll receive samples in order to approve.
  7. Once samples are approved, we’ll move into production.

The best solution might be an investment casting from Kovatch Castings, but it might be another method. For instance, if your volume only demands a quantity of 20 pieces, your part might be better suited for machining. On the other hand, if your volume demands a quantity of 1,000 pieces, investment casting would be more time and cost efficient.

Our Promise

To provide you excellent quality components on time and on budget with great service and communication. If your project is better suited for another manufacturing method, we’ll always help you navigate to the best option and will steer you to a company that can create your part as efficiently as possible.

To learn more, view our terms and conditions.

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