Is Kovatch Castings Right for Your Project?

At Kovatch Castings, we craft precision cast components that contain complex geometries, thin walls, close tolerances, and fine surface finish requirements in high strength, corrosion-resistant alloys.

Target Casting Specifications

Our target casts include the following specifications.

  • Weight: One ounce to 35 pounds
  • Length: 18 inches
  • We specialize in thin walls
  • Ceramic or soluble cores to produce intricate internal shapes
  • Machined and finished castings lead to a turnkey part for your application

Service & Support

We also believe in superior service at every level. That’s why we provide order status updates twice a month, rapid prototyping to prove out your design, and a dedicated engineer assigned to your project. Our engineering staff can support the conversion of your part to investment casting from other processes.


Also, we can import files from design software packages such as Inventor, Solidworks, and ProCast.

Our Proven Expertise

At Kovatch Castings, these are just a few of the cast parts we specialize in.

  • Aircraft hardware and brake components
  • Ordnance components and military hardware
  • Sidearm frames and components
  • Spherical ball bearings
  • Surgical instruments and other medical components
  • Fiberglass insulation spinner wheels

Our Certifications

Our certifications speak to our high standards. Put our expertise to work on your next project.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • AS9100 (Rev D)
  • Nadcap — NDT & Welding
  • ITAR Registered

What can you expect when you partner with Kovatch Castings?

The best solution might be an investment casting from Kovatch Castings, but it might be another method. At Kovatch Castings, we always strive to help you navigate to the best option and a company that can create your part as efficiently as possible.

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